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Preserving the Harvest

Preserving time is quickly ramping up! The warm weather brings with it an abundance in the garden and also out and about in foraging and bartering land. I've collected roadside apples, pears from the neighbours and ageing lemons from across the road. The lemon juice comes in handy in some of my preserving recipes like fermented salsa and even the dehydrated apple and pear slices. I'm excited to be getting some more dehydrated tomato into stores. The wild sodas happen all year round and vary according to whats available. Here I have a blueberry soda and a rhubarb one. So far the blueberry might be my favourite, just pushing ahead of the wild plum. The flavour and fizziness develop over time and around 2 months seems optimal for both. Fine line however as you do risk explosions past this point and care must be taken when opening so that this refreshing drink doesn't end up spraying all over the place.

My front garden is being looked over by some beautiful sunflowers which have sprung up from missed seeds in the chicken yard. It's funny - I plant seeds and they struggle to come up but they seem to come alive and thrive where the chickens once were!

I've had a little surprise or two when picking my second flush of beans. Little tree frogs seem to love the cool greenness of the bean vines. I'm starting to be a bit more mindful of them when going in for the harvest, not wanting to disturb them any more than necessary. My cucumber vines are also a cool leafy green and are growing the most amazingly long cucumbers. Trent took four with him the other day for pickling and was concerned he was taking too many. Two days later these three were ready to harvest and there'll be more to come very soon.

Starting to make progress with organising the car port. The desk that my son had finished with fitted in nicely over the top of the chicken feed zone and creates so much more usable space. Hopefully I don't just pile it up with junk!! It's still a work in progress as I'm hoping to hang some boards off the centre pole to create a small gardening tool parking spot.

The next item I'm working on is for my farm gate sales. This old cabinet of my neighbours that I saved from the tip will hopefully become a little sales hub at my gate to sell honey and anything else I've got in excess to whoever may want it. Looks a bit rough at the moment but rustic is want I'm going for so I think it will come up perfectly.

We had a beautiful sunrise for the first day of March. I was hoping that these clouds may bring with them some much needed rain. February has been extremely dry, with only 8.5mm of rain recorded in my gauge. Alas not a drop from these clouds!

Sunday evening I was invited to have a ride in my neighbours carriage which is pulled by her two Gipsy Cob horses Bear and Clive. We had a fun time out and about - thanks Deb!!

I hope you all have a great week. Especially you mum - xxx



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