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Not the usual sign of Spring

I've been sharing quite a lot of images of beautiful flowers, such as the gorgeous apple blossom in the centre photo, or cute baby fruits as they are just starting out, such as my little plum infants, but another sign of spring around here is the shedding of the sheep. Some of my sheep are mixed breeds and don't shed their fleeces as I'd hoped but I do have a few that seem to be full Wilipol and the fleece comes away beautifully. All over the paddock at this time of year are big clumps of white wool. There is also smaller patches of black/brown wool but these are the girls that don't shed so well, so there is not so much lying around. When I'm out picking up manure for the compost pile, I also gather this up. Sometimes I use it for mulching or insulating something but I have lately been just throwing it in the compost along with the manure.

I'd been out Monday morning and returned home to find some tree loppers in my pasture. I do have some power lines that run straight through my place to my neighbours that need to be kept clear for fire risk reduction. They told me that there now has to be a 6 metre clearance so they were up in the trees trimming to make this happen. While I love my trees I understand the need for this trimming and it does keep my view of my neighbours hillside clear. Always nice to watch the highland cattle wandering around!! And I get a bit more firewood and lovely mulch for my swales. The centre photo is my majestic old gumtree that had the sun coming through one morning as I was out moving all the crew around. Sometimes you just look up and the view is pretty as a picture, so of course, I made a picture out of it!!

The weeks fly by so quickly and it's only on a Wednesday morning when I'm writing this out that I stop and think about what I've done. It's often just a blur. I do recall doing lots of planting. I published two videos this week. One on making mead and the more recent video was showing the variety of plants that you can gather to transfer to other places, from one place that has been left to go wild. (Check it out - link at the top).

I've also been working on the next video which is to do with digging up and transplanting also, but comes with a different permaculture message!

Who loves ladybugs - although I can't get a really close up image - I can't help but try haha!

Thank you so much, to any of you that have subscribed to my YouTube channel. I reached 100 subscribers this week which is exciting. As my son pointed out, 100 is a lot of people - imagine them at your house!! I'm hoping to share aspects of my permaculture life there, as I do here, to not only share the joy but to educate and inspire also.

Hope your week brings you a sense of joy

Cheers xxx

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