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It's starting to feel like Spring!

I've been living in South Gippsland for around 3 years now and I look forward to Spring each year but so far it has never arrived. It's like winter continues then bam, we're into summer and warmer weather (except for last year when even summer failed to appear!). This year however the winter days have been broken up by beautiful sunny, even warm days, just like spring should be. Climate change perhaps, but I enjoy them just the same! Something that looks like spring is the size of my pregnant ewes. This is Lucky who I'm tipping will have her lambs first - check out the baby bump!! I've enclosed a section of my hay shed to form a lambing pen but I did forget to mention that to my cow, Star, who has been enjoying the shelter and keeping all the sheep out. I'll have to start fencing her out. Her turn to have a baby comes towards the end of Aug/start Sept so perhaps I'll let her back in then.

A big job I got done this week was culling eight roosters. It's not a fun day or one I look forward to and generally it is a day that's forced upon me as the boys get too overzealous with the ladies or they destroy my carrot patch!! Yes that happened and made me get my poultry situation under control. With the ducks moved out of the top garden I easily moved the mobile chicken coop to a nice grassy area where the girls, and two boys, looked very happy. I did move a few more hens in from the backyard coop who transitioned well. That leaves Ray (my backyard rooster) in charge of just a few girls and means that I can leave them cooped up when necessary, because of the smaller numbers.

I haven't done a lot in the veggie garden this week, mostly just harvesting! I did spot a little asparagus spear on one of my young plants that I have grown from seed last year. Will still be a couple more years before I can pick any to enjoy, but it's great to see that they are establishing well.

I have managed to plant a few of my nursery plants out in my peach tree guild which is on my top swale. I made a video about it so please check that out - remember to subscribe if you haven't already and hit the notify button so you know when I've launched another video into the world!! See link at the top of the page! Love for any comments too - always good to get feedback, suggestions or to hear if you've done anything similar!! While I was out in the swale planting I was joined by this gorgeous little bird - a Grey Fantail my mum tells me. I must have been disturbing plenty of insects for it to enjoy!

My bees seem to think it's spring as well! I've never seen as many bees out and about as I have on these sunny winter days. I'll have to watch out for swarming early in spring judging by the numbers in this hive!!

Ok, that's me done. Please leave a comment about what you have done in the garden, kitchen or elsewhere this week. Love to hear from you!!

Have a great week!!

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