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It's busy here on the farm!

You met my little ducklings last week. Their mum is still sitting on the last two eggs, so the youngsters have to just snuggle in on top - it's very cute. I'll be moving those eggs on I think so she can focus on her ducklings rather than on some dead eggs!!. We welcomed two more team members this week with the arrival on Saturday of little Zumi. This little calf is also very cute. He likes to zoom around hence his name! He is settling in well.

Our newest arrival was born yesterday. His mum is my smallest ewe and I was a little apprehensive with her impending labour and my worries were justified as she struggled to deliver this big little guy. He did get stuck with one front hoof not appearing as it should. Gloved up I went in, struggled for a bit then called the vet. She couldn't get there for at least 45 mins. I was worried I'd lose both mum and baby so dived in again determined to pull this lamb out - finally he arrived. Thanks to Deb my neighbour for holding mum down and Kelly for emotional support!! Vet checked mum and to my relief she was ok - I hadn't damaged her which I was a little worried about as there had been quite a bit of blood (all placenta apparently). Don't worry Michael - I didn't film it - so no risk of exposing you to this haha!!

Be sure to check out my Zumi welcome video which I published to celebrate his arrival. Unlike the lamb he just appeared with no labour issues at all - phew!!

Can't help but show off another photo of one of my magnificent peach trees in full bloom. I actually took this photo as that day I was expecting a storm to blow through and wanted to see how it survived. The sunrise on this morning was spectacular with some of the coming weather front being displayed in the clouds. The last photo in this group of three, is my neighbours banksia tree full of yellow tailed black cockatoos enjoying the flowers or seeds, or both. I'm planting a few banksias along my swales so there continues to be plentiful food for these beautiful birds.

The anticipated storm didn't eventuate as I had expected - thankfully. The winds weren't too bad and the thunderstorm never arrived. What did arrive however, was a lot of rain. We had 27mm on Friday night, then 40mm on Saturday night. My dam rose 30cm or more overnight. When I went to let the ducks out on Sunday morning I spotted the overturned little row boat under which one of my ducks was sitting on 14 eggs. It was half under water. I lifted the boat up and here was my poor duck still sitting on her nest which was under water. All the growing ducklings would have drowned. I moved the boat and the nest with eggs up out of the water. She continued to sit on it for another day before saying her farewells.

This week I have published two videos. One on my little calf as I've mentioned and the second one is on garden preparations for the coming Spring. I do some harvesting of old veg, clear a few plants and do a garden overhaul of two beds that had turned quite weedy. As usual the link is at the top of the page.

I'm hoping that the coming week has less excitement in it, and I'll get all my seeds started and various plants planted.

Hope you all have a great week


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