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Giving these girls a new home!

I had a message from a friend on the weekend - her mum had an unwelcome little swarm of bees hanging out at her place and would I like to come a pick them up. Well, yes!! They are not unwelcome here. So I went Sunday night and collected them, settling them into their new home on Monday morning. I pinched some resources, honey, pollen, and brood from one of my other generous hives to make them feel especially at home. And, guess what!? They've stayed!! They are happily coming and going - hopefully they're numbers increase sufficiently to get through winter. If not I'll just merge with another hive but I'll leave that decision for later in the year. Fingers crossed for now that they are set up well enough to thrive on their own!!

Last week while Trent was here we did a little exploring in the local area. This body of water is a reservoir not far from here. Trent is interested in fishing and was told about this spot by one of his patients. It was beautiful. Access is restricted to members of Leongatha Anglers Club - well worth the membership to gain access to this resource!

I'm a little out of action at the moment due to a small finger issue. A blackberry thorn had been lodged really deeply in the joint of my middle finger. Thought nothing of it at the time until a few days later it had swollen. Two weeks later and it's no better. Friends who had joined my here for lunch on the weekend helped out with a project that would have been a struggle for me with this problem finger. A 50m chicken net had become entangled in lots of grassy growth - really buried in some spots. Half an hour of busy pulling and sickle action and it was free!! Thanks ladies - had thought that thing was in there for good!

Out in the garden I'm finding plenty to harvest, so much so that I thought I'd send out another quick harvest video. My carrots are really growing well and I'll be making a couple of batches of fermented carrots with ginger to have during the year to make the most of the abundance. Even though there are quite a lot still to be harvested, they won't last until winter, so this week I managed to get a second bed going which I've filmed and included in my harvest video. Check it out via the link at the top of the page!

Looks like I'll be spending a little time in the kitchen this week so that none of this food goes to waste. Nothing better than grabbing some preserved goodies from the cupboard or the freezer when it's dark and cold outside and you need something wholesome to eat!

With that I'll say farewell. Better head to the kitchen now!



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Feb 16, 2022

Thank you for a lovely day 🌻🐝


Feb 16, 2022

Glad to be able to help Linda. 😊. The first time I have used a sickle, a great little tool, I will be sourcing one very soon!

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