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First Born

We had a really big rain last Thursday afternoon and into the night. To be honest I was a little worried about the youngest lambs and how they would cope out in the weather. In the morning I discovered them snuggled up next to their mums and was relieved, but shouldn't have been surprised. These first time mums with their first born lambs have been very caring and attentive, just as I was 28 years ago when that gorgeous little fellow in the middle pic was born - happy birthday Michael xx

Almost as good as first born lambs and humans, is your first born cauliflower for the season. I feel enormously proud of myself for producing not one, but two, magnificent heads of cauli (first born is the first pic!). I just have never been that great at growing this particular brassica so although I have grown something that looked like this in the past, it really wasn't the real deal!!

Last night I grabbed various veg from my very productive garden to enjoy in my lamb broth. Whenever I have a lamb roast I love to throw the bone with bits and pieces left on it, in to a pot and stew it down then I'll turn that into a risotto with rice and veg or just have a broth veg soup as I did last night. Pretty yum indeed!!

This morning I've enjoyed another lovely green smoothy with some kale and fresh dandelion leaf. These days we really don't eat the diversity of foods that we were designed to have, so keeping that in mind, I try to add something unusual to my mix when I remember. Today it was dandelion leaf - tomorrow maybe sow thistle?? These different foods can add different nutrients to what we're used to and really contribute to good health.

We had a lovely misty morning the other day and the clouds just glowed as the sun peeked above the horizon - it was quite magical. The cloud cleared and the day was sunny and almost warm. The sheep certainly enjoy that coolish warmth that early spring can bring.

This weeks video has me discussing trading of skills and resources. I dug up some strawberries and created a new strawberry patch for my neighbours and got some much needed help in return. Check it out via link at the top of the page!

Once again everyone - enjoy your week. I'm hoping that the rains will ease and some warmth will arrive. What are you hoping for?

Anyway have a good one xx

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