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Love the Spring Colour

When I started my kitchen garden I threw in a packet of 'Wildflowers for Bees'. A mix of seeds for flowers that pollinators will enjoy. I've found that they do love these flowers almost as much as I do. During winter my kitchen garden is kind of dull but with a bit of extra light and just slightly more warmth (definitely not that warm as yet) it comes to life as all of these plants wake up.

That not only happens in the kitchen garden, but out in the paddock the same thing happens. The grass becomes more lush, a more vibrant shade of green and the clover begins to bloom. I've got lots of the white clover but also some red, which I try not to cut down - really want them to go to seed and spread that beauty around.

You should see these animals enjoying the pasture. They bound on to the new paddocks each morning and before long, are just lounging, after quickly filling up. Beth (my very loud ewe) is quiet - a sure sign that they are all content!!

I had a little trip off farm this week which was exciting. The permaculture group had a social gathering for a walk at Mt Worth State Park. It was beautiful - big trees, lots of green ferns and moist enough for amazing fungi growing up trees! We had just a small group and were mindful of social distancing so no bugs being spread today!

Back home again and I'm always amazed at the colours the garden provides. The swiss chard are going to seed which means their colourful stems reach for the sky and they create quite a striking image. My self seeded cos type lettuce isn't as colourful but en masse puts on a lovely display. I'm sure they'll be heading to seed soon so I better get a few salads into me fast!!

A lovely surprise this week out on the dam. A family of ducks spent the day here. I didn't get too close so not a great picture but you can still make out the little babies. There are six of them altogether. I wonder how they'll survive Mr Fox. On sadder news my Billy boy, one of my muscovy ducks, didn't quite survive Mr Fox. Duck dynamics meant that two of my boys were always out of the duck houses at night. Putting them inside proved extremely difficult. Ducks who don't won't other ducks with them will not allow them in no matter what I do. So they've been sitting outside, but within the electrified enclosure, at night. I do wish them luck each night but Billy's luck, it seems, had run out. Apparently you can get a solar fox light to move around the pasture that can deter them - will have to look into that!

My lovely neighbours at work again!! My ride on lawn mower has not been working for a long while - maybe a year and a half. I'd had it serviced and fixed then 6 weeks later it broke again. I decided my chickens could mow the lawn instead or I'd just extend the garden. Well neither of those options were really dealing with my backyard grass issue and my neighbours decided to help me out. Inspired maybe by my trading with strawberries video, they took the mower, found the broken piece (pictured) and replaced it for me. Denis is a mechanic - very handy around here!! So thank you guys!! Really good to have this to keep on top of the spring growth. And it only cost me 9 dozen eggs!!

Have you checked out my pantry yet?? Latest video shows what I've got in my bulk store pantry. It's been really nice just wandering down the hallway to the 'store' when I'm in need of something. It really has reduced my visits to the actual grocery store which I love. Also means I reduce the waste I produce which means no putting out the bin - which is a bit pointless here anyway as no one comes to collect my rubbish! I have to do tip runs instead - so nice to avoid those!!

Ok - time to start my day. As always I hope you enjoy your week and I'll catch you next time!!


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