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Harvesting for the future

When the aim is to be as self sufficient as possible this time of year is really busy. There’s the usual tomato, cucumber and zucchini harvests. The obvious ones. Then there’s the other harvests that I’m not so practiced at. I have to really think about winter and what won’t be available then that I have now and make the effort to somehow preserve it for the future. Not only that I have to think about the next growing season and store the seeds to keep the abundance going into next summer. Some of my bean crops were ready so I’ve gathered up the pods and sat down to reveal the beauty that lies within. Also removed the kernels from my painted mountain corn. Next year I’ll have plenty to sow and hopefully avoid the same issue with the corn this year when only five out of thirty seeds sprouted.

My herbs are growing profusely at the moment too so unless I get them into storage the opportunity to use them in winter will be missed. I find just hanging bunches up on my little bookshelf, that’s also home to my kombucha, does the trick nicely. I just spin the bunch around occasionally to make sure the back is drying off well also, and it’s all good. I’ve got oregano, tulsi and sweet basil hanging at the moment. Haven’t tried drying sweet basil before as I thought that it would lose its flavour. Giving it a go as dried basil is used as an ingredient in an Italian preserving book I have. Cross my fingers it’ll be good!

I’ve been making a bit of wild fruit soda lately and experimenting with second fermenting in a bottle. I think I may have over carbonated this wild plum mix a little. I hope to stop my next batch going this far and avoid damaging my ceiling with flying bottle tops!!

Nice to finish the day with a hot plate full of green bean curry and a lovely homemade fizzy drink!

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