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Getting ready for winter

Big day planned for today so I was up early, morning chores and breakfast done quickly then outside before the heat kicked in. It was time to tackle the wood situation! Last year a huge tree had dropped a gigantic limb across the road near all the letterboxes. The council came to chop it up and move it off the road. Word quickly spreads about free firewood so I wasn’t surprised to see a number of neighbours filling up their boots and utes when I arrived. Community spirit kicked in and we all gave each other a hand to collect the windfall. It’s been piled up in my driveway ever since.

When I first attempted to split wood by hand I thought I would wreck myself. It was seriously hard work. The log splitter I have now has made the job so much easier and means I can realistically harvest wood from the local area and get it into useable form. I only had one surprise when getting the wood split - the appearance of a mumma huntsman and about a thousand of her babies! It was at this point that I’d wished I’d set up closer to the wood pile as they all scattered into the carport and towards the house. I don’t mind a huntsman or two about the place but hundreds in the house - no thanks!!

The day was pretty much shuffling things around. I moved a lot of stuff from the wood shed to the hay shed where there is a lot more room and began to sort my aged wood from the fresher wood in the wood shed. I managed to gather bark from the splitting and mulched a garden bed, pulled the long seedy grass and gave it to the ducklings for bedding and food. At the end of the day, feeling exhausted, I did feel I’d got a few things done.

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Feb 05, 2021

Pleased you didn’t come across a snake or two while moving wood.

Huttons Valley Permaculture
Huttons Valley Permaculture
Feb 05, 2021
Replying to

Yeah spiders are a lot less scary 😁

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